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Vertical garden


“green buildings” offer additional marketing effects. You have to pay less for advertising if your building gets into press because of its green construction.
increased air quality
Plants in buildings can filter pollutants out of the air. So you need less radiation. The NASA is using plant systems in the “Infinity Science Center” for cleaning the air. They
calculate that they will save 20-30% of the actual energy costs for the cooling/heating system.
The answer for the lack of food in the future could be the self supply of cities. Transportation is minimized and the supplies are constant. In the near future a higher efficiency (hydroponics, greenhouses, bio/gentechnology) and increasing prices for food and oil could make costly system rentabel.
decreased consumption of ressources
Hydroponic agriculture needs only 5% of the water and 10% of the land that have to be used for traditional agriculure for the same harvest. higher productivity Studies tell that plants in working and living space are good for health, decreasing headache, signs of fatigue and skin irritations. American researches shows, that in hospitals the view into the green gives a faster recovery. Other studies show, that pupils in green classrooms learn more concentrated and are less often ill.
Cooperation project for evaluating new approaches to grow food in urban cities. Together with DHL, Airbus, Bayer Materialscience, Hettich resulting in business proposal for vector foiltec.