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Small kitchen


Most of the people don’t have much space in their flats. So it is important to use it efficiently. You only need a kitchen when you are cooking, in the other time it should not occupy the space in your flat. So this kitchen gives the space back to the resident. When it’s not used it dissappears into a sideboard. The kitchen saves energy for fridge and oven. And while many different people should be able to use it, it’s adjustable for the individual height. There should only be a kitchen when you need it. So its just a sideboard if you dont need it. When you need it you can press a button to open it and adjust the height. Modules are screwed to mounting brackets, which are between two boards. They are moved vertical by a motor. The whole kitchen is fixed to the wall. The kitchen is made out of segments in 60 cm size that can be attached together. Even a single kitchen could be enough because of the usage of the vertical space.
You can order your individual kitchen system. It is custom-made to your requirements. You can define how big it is, which components, and which shelves are installed. The usage of the vertical space above the range of your hands make it possible to store more things in the kitchen, because the kitchen bring the shelves down to you. The oven is in the upper shelf, so you can see the food through a glas window. The food is serviced in the best position for your hand and the heat is stored because it‘s soaring. Open the fridge shelf, see what you want, open the slide door and get what you want. The falling cold air is kept in the body and the fridge is less time open. It is just like in the old study times, just put your dirty dishes in the sink until someone cleans it. In this case the kitchen do it itself with an ultrasonic dishwasher in the sink.