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Henrik Lippke and gutwill designed the stage concept for Oliver Huntemann’s “Paranoia World Tour” 2011/2012. The construction consists of an LED-Cage(3m*3m*2,5m), build with about 100 meter of LED-stripes. This lightcage fits into 3 cases, that are easily transportable by plane. In order to keep it extremely light, we had to develop and build our own construction and led-connection.
For some speical events we extended the cage with a video projection and a heavier led-wall.
01.06 Neidclub, Hamburg
17.06 UAF Festival, Wien
24.06 Cembrankeller, Linz
22.07 Rex, Paris
28.08 Fabric, London
01.09 King King, LA, USA
02.09 Black Pearl, El Paso, USA
03.09 Midnight Sun Festival, Mexico City
09.09 Electrosanne, Lausanne
23.09 The Cave, Edinburgh
24.09 Op Art, Lisbon
15.10 Bootshaus, Köln
22.10 Sugar Factory, Amsterdam
29.10 Lehmanns, Stuttgart
11.11 Stinnes Areal, Freiburg
12.11 Arma 17, Moscow
26.11 BeCool, Barcelona
02.12 The Arches, Glasgow
17.02 Indi, Nizhniy Novgorod, RUS
03.02 Canvas, Mumbai, India
04.02 Sura Vie, Delhi, India
05.02 Stone Water Grill, Pune, India
14.04 Disco Festival, Kasel
19.05 Das Schiff, Basel
02.06 Kugl Club, St. Gallen
07.07 Impuls Festival, Luzern