We create intangible assets around companies.


Business approach

Gutwill supports others companies by building immaterial values around their business as well as enhance their business with new design. The design values and design outcome will belong to us as our intellectual property and are being licensed to our partners. The economical success of the project will affect to our financial benefit. That means the economical success of our partners is the key for our business concept.

Holistic design

At gutwill we provide all design services. Starting from brand strategy, product design up to business card designs. All the skills and knowledge will be gathering at gutwill and make it to the fullest in every process of our work. We ensure that our solutions will be thought from the beginning to the end thoroughly. Making the design more than an addition of the single element but the holistic process.

International culture

We offer in depth knowledge of the different cultures. Our international network can help in creating cultural integrated new design concept, sourcing and other international affairs.

Our competence


Brand values
Brand strategy


product planning
product design
product strategy


display design
exhibition design
interior design
shop design


packaging design
logo design
corporate design
website design
digital design